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. >> paul ryan wants to look like president obama is one-term jimmy carter and paul ryan would be cast as ronald reagan. but it's notable that he's even trying in a campaign that's been unwilling and unable to engage america in the larger world. he's finally trying to do it. in terms of what they're going to do, on even just say the issue of war we're in right now, they have really been unwilling to engage. maybe this means they'll start. so far, i mean, famously mr. romney didn't mention the war in afghanistan at all. he explained in speeches like that you don't go through a laundry list. you go through things that are important. the war wasn't important to him. but it's not just specifically afghanistan. here's another one. if you go to mitt romney's website right now and you type the word drones into the search box on the website because you want to know his position. you will find three results. three. one result is mr. romney criticizing mr. obama after a drone crashed in iran. then there's a policy paper criticizing the obama administration for talking about drones to news outlet
for any democratic president since jimmy carter, and they're trying to do it again. everything has suddenly become racist when republicans have never been racist, they are not racist historically. you know, msnbc are the ones introducing black guests and using the name of a different black person. be that happened at -- if that happened at fox, they'd pull the power. [laughter] cheryl: you talk about white guilt. you go back to the o.j. simpson trial, and you say that was the real turning point in america for many americans to get over white guilt. >> yes, yes! o.j. was better for race relations than obama has been. that was the moment white america said, that's it, we've shut down the white guilt bank, and it was the best thing that ever happened. you didn't have liberals patronizing blacks anymore, suddenly republican policies on crime and welfare were able to go into effect to the great benefit of the black community, saving tens of thousands of lives, and then obama comes along, and white liberals see the opportunity to get a left-wing president in office by calling a vote agai
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it wasn't going to happen, were ut it should have happened much more gradually. exactly what jimmy carter did in iran. >> sdts that estimate how much influence we actually had? his bus was leaving the station in egypt. mubarak was on his way out. hillary clinton and others were trying to stabilize the situation, get a transition, but from my report and my understanding we didn't have as much influence as you're arguing we do with hosni mubarak. we didn't have the ability. >> because we didn't try. >> and the -- democratic government. it srchlts maybe, maybe. maybe it is. maybe it isn't. i don't know how legitimate -- >> it might nob the party -- >> i don't know how legitimate the election is. >> president obama did speak before the united nations yesterday. he spoke a lot about his policy in the arab nations, in the middle east and he also spoke a little bit about iran. i want to know, and we talked to an adviser earlier to president obama and she laid down what she thinks is the red line for nuclear weapons in iran. listen to what she said. >> i think we have laid out a red line. that is
jimmy carter. i read that he was a one-term president once. really? that's all you've got. how about this. what would you do differently if the answer is we'd be stronger, that's not an answer. we deserve a politics that is dapable of giving us choices or setting up a debate about competing reasonable ideas about handling the controversial things the government does in our names. i know what the obama administration's position is on afghanistan. because he's the president. i have no idea what mitt romney would do different in afghanistan, if anything. i know what the obama's administration is on drones. i frankly find that position hair raising. i know what the obama administration's position is on
you. first there, are ebbs and flows. jimmy carter was far ahead in his election against ronald reagan, where he was beaten decessively. i think polls would show them statistically tied, tough fights in certain swing states. what governor romney is trying to do is point out the fundamental differences between his faithan an in the private sector and the president's view we should invest in companies and have more government intrusion on the economy, and we've had, frankly, a failed recovery, and then on foreign policy, whether we're going to lead from behind and have the type of turmoil in the middle east or mitt romney's position of peaceable strength and leadership can leave america better off. >> let me explain this both to you. president clinton is about to reveal what he to say about it. a really big story in new york. nothing to do with the cgi, u.n., or anything else. all about the nfl match. president obama weighed in on twitter. nfl fans on both sides hope the nf lockout will end soon. >> it was a close call. i think the rules state if you have dual possession in the end zone,
. american ambassador killed for the first time since jimmy carter. two seals and another diplomat killed. people being killed in syria each day in large numbers. american soldiers still being killed in afghanistan without much of a plan on how to figure out how to get out of afghanistan without more damage. i can go on and on and on. china challenged us militarily, announcing they will build an aircraft carrier. obama reset the relationship with russia. and made it were, much worse. we are trying to get russia to help with iran and help with syria, and they telling us to go to hell. the world is in turmoil and the president is campaigning. the president is not meeting world leaders with whom you have to have a close, personal relationship. you have to sit down with netanyahu, face to face and discuss a serious question. not making fun of romney, but a serious question. that is, when do you we strike? with strikes? what is the red line test? they have to have one between the two of them. even if they don't tell it it to us they is to deliver it to iran, let iran know there is the line. we
chair by jimmy carter and he began squeezing the money supply under carter, i know about it, i was there. >> but the recession started in '81. >> you call the misery index. obviously, the strongest element e plnte,p ary dex right now is 8.3. inflation doesn't help getting rid of it politically if it isn't around. nobody gives you credit for not having inflation. they give you anger if you have -- >> but let me remind you, every right wing economist was suggesting hyperinflation by now because of our debt. we have a oblem of deflation but i'm just saying, if -- people don't accept that but they accept he's done the best he can. and what's interesting in the poll that they know it's tough, buthey ink g the better plan to fix it. >> let's talk about the two things we argue about on this show. let's start with immigration. how do you get through a really good immigration bill that has both progressivity in terms of letting people come in the country, recognizing who is periods of time with work permits. how do you put it all on paper and stop the under the table stuff? can he do that with a
, the first one killed since jimmy carter. melissa: yeah. >> the president described on "60 minutes" as just a bump in the road. what the heck's that all about? just a bump in the road? an ambassador killed. another diplomat killed. two navy seals killed. dozens of people in syria killed. demonstrations all over the world. if he considers that a bump in the road we're in serious trouble. melissa: we have a sound bite where he addressed that in his speech while at the u.n. let me play that and get your reaction on the other side. >> i know there is some who ask, why don't we ban such a video? the answer is enshrined in our laws. our constitution protects the right to practice free speech. here in the united states, countless publications provoke offense. like me, the majority of americans are christian and yet we do not plan blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. >> watched that and was ripping my hair out. do we really think that was about the movie. here he is legitimatizing that point of view saying all this had to do with the movie. first of all do you believe that the attacks on the
are the most important man. you know, when jimmy carter used to say, israel has no morn policy and only domestic policy. this time in history we see somebody interfering and clearly endorsing one of the sides and it's never happened in the history. and it's doing it in a very delicate moment for the u.s. relation in the middle east, doing it in a -- plus even his own entourage, the security in israel are not sure that an attack on iran will help israel or even would stop iran from pursuing a nuclear bomb. they're saying today that it will be very dangerous, might delay iran for some years and never stop them. >> rula, people in the region saying what iran wants is to be a big world player and getting the bomb would enhance that. using that would end that. is it time to put ahmadinejad and teheran in a bit more perspective and understand they're not as irrational as people say they are and they understand the value of not using it? >> look, iran is a regional power. whether we like to know it or not, understand or not. the winner of the iraqi war was iran. the guy today that determined w
the jimmy carter administration, way back in 1979, 1980. to is in our interest not t talk to them, not because we like that government, but we want to see this resolved peacefully and not through warfare. host: new york, welcome to the program. caller: on 9/11, the anniversary, ray kelly but the city on high alert, got in the embassies and synagogues. obama did nothing. i think that if bush was there, we would have 50 marines on rooftops with sniper rifles. these people were killed. i heard bad information about this guy stevens, a friend of mine, fbi agent. the blood is on his hands. doesn't think they protect him every time they can. we are supposed to stand up for these guys, you know i am saying? host: mr. burns, why don't you begin by explaining how you think he administration handled libya? guest: let me just say, i've worked for democratic and republican administrations, and i think i.t. is unfair to level such a criticism of the -- president obama. he has been a strong leader in protecting this country, as president bush was, and both presidents since 9/11 have pu
delegate mchenry, donald mchenry publicly said he read the resolution to jimmy carter, and jimmy carter instructed him to vote for it. so that's how i know this. >> so there have been at least this one ab rate presidential election in which jews voted in a divergent way, do either of you think we might see that kind of a dip for 2012 or will president obama still maintain the exact same hold he has on jewish americans as a democratic leader? >> i suspect that support is eroding. new yorkers are very important state, tough to say what will happen here. but i think the president wins florida -- loses florida, and loses the jewish support at the level he needs to . >> mayor, is this a possible revisiting of 1980? >> i believe that president obama as candidate got the highest number of jews 87%, which was a second highest group. first being 95% of all blacks. and the reason -- it's not hard you don't have to be a jen yous to understand why. people, not only jews, others as well, were so excited that we would for the first time have an african-american candidate president in the white house.
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)